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    The Press Is Preaching: A Spotlight on the Manufacturing Skills Gap Highlights RAPs as the Solution

    If you’re a frequent reader or our blog, you know that we’ve seen acceleration of press and federal government promotion of registered apprenticeships to solve talent problems, and now Forbes is highlighting the manufacturing skills gap.

    Author Jim Vinoski makes a number of great points in his article:

    Solving the Skilled Workforce Shortage Will Take a Hands-On Approach

    In this article, we’ll examine his conclusions and compare and contrast with other industries as portrayed by the press and our own community’s comments.

    Gen Z Is Different

    Not news to anyone but employers must adjust to each generation as it starts to enter the workforce or face mounting attrition as Baby Boomers retire with no one to replace them.

    Vinoski frames the situation: “Industry is caught in a squeeze play, with Baby Boomers retiring and the younger generations lacking the training, skills and experiences that used to be commonplace.”

    We’ve already talked about the phrase “Toolbelt Generation” but that doesn’t quite apply to manufacturing jobs, because they aren’t generally outside (and you don’t wear a toolbelt).

    So manufacturing jobs might be less appealing but the predicted employee shortfall is massive.

    The article cites a Deloitte study that shows a likely 1.9 million manufacturing jobs unstaffed by 2033. That’s pretty soon!

    Unlike previous generations, handiness with a wrench is less common as Gen Z don’t work on their own cars, do handyman work at home, or work in those types of part-time jobs.

    But those skills are desperately needed!

    The Deskless Worker Movement Applies

    While apprentices in a manufacturing job wouldn’t be moving towards a “toolbelt” career, manufacturing jobs definitely appeal to those within The Deskless Worker movement.

    And launching an apprenticeship is a great way to connect with that generation. Quoted in Vinoski’s article, Jason Premo of Georgia’s Acclaim Aerospace says:

    Whenever I hear someone complain about the lack of a skilled workforce, my first question is, ‘Well, where is your apprenticeship program? The fact is even a small shop can create an apprenticeship program and leverage a lot of already built out training methods and systems, so you don’t have to do this yourself.

    We couldn’t have said better and that’s part of why we built GoSprout’s apprenticeship tracking software.

    How Employers Can Get Help with Building Manufacturing Skills in Their Communities

    We’ve covered the availability of grants as one of the amazing benefits of apprenticeships. Premo gives Apprenticeship Georgia a shoutout in the article.

    The article suggests looking to non-profits as a potential partner and that’s a great solution. Before GoSprout, our founder Carlos Vazquez created Miami EdTech, which administers technology apprenticeships for firms in the Miami-Dade area.

    And the article recommends getting started early with preapprenticeship programs that bridge high school students into registered apprenticeships when they are old enough.

    Want to Build Manufacturing Skills for Your Firm?

    Schedule an introductory meeting with GoSprout. In addition to our apprenticeship management platform, we’ve been building a nation-wide community of stakeholders: sponsors, RTI-provider schools, and employers.

    We can help with the software to making launching an apprenticeship simple but also assist with making connections to potential partners.

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