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    Apprenticeships Are Amazing for Employers…

    And Complicated to Manage for Institutions that Provide the Related Technical Instruction (RTI)

    Registered Apprenticeship Programs create enormous, lasting value for employers, sponsors, RTIs, and apprentices, but there are far too few apprenticeship programs in existence.

    Related Technical Instruction providers also have access to excellent government funding, but many entities don’t take that step. That’s about to change…

    That’s about to change…

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    GoSprout is the single easiest and most cost-effective way to launch, manage, grow partnerships, and reap the benefits of an RTI program for your educational organization.

    Streamlined Administration

    Stop wasting staff hours that could be better spent elsewhere.

    All Stakeholders on ONE Platform

    Work seamlessly with RTI’s, employers, journeyworkers, & apprentices.

    Compliant by Design

    Keep all records and filings in order automatically by using the platform.

    I can’t believe how easy GoSprout makes apprenticeship deployment & management.

    — Lili Gangas

    Chief Community Officer, Kapor Center

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    The Problem

    The administrative burden and complexity of Registered Apprenticeship Programs prevent many organizations from even trying to become Related Technical Instruction providers.

    For those that do, administration is unnecessarily cumbersome including keeping paperwork up-to-date and filings on time.

    Add Headcount?

    Hiring or Assigning Apprenticeship Admin Work to Existing Employees Is Really Expensive

    If your team is frustrated due to lack of clarity and no system to follow, don’t put even more cooks in the kitchen.

    Rely on a Sponsor?

    The Level of Complexity Is Just as High for 3rd Parties but With Less Visibility & Ability to Communicate

    If your internal team can’t keep up with compliance, don’t expect an external team to provide the structure you need.

    The Solution

    GoSprout is the single easiest and most cost-effective way to launch, manage, grow partnerships, and reap the benefits of an RTI program for your educational organization or add one as an employer or sponsor.

    With modules for every stakeholder (RTI’s, Employers, Sponsors, Journeyworkers, & Apprentices) of a successful apprenticeship program in a single cloud solution, it’s never been easier to earn the benefits you deserve.

    Getting Started Is Easy

    Step #1: See the Platform in Action

    Take a Guided Tour at Your Convenience

    We’ll walk your entire team through the platform, so you can see how easy apprenticeship administration becomes as a school providing Related Technical Instruction.

    Enrolled apprentice tracking

    Curriculum completion tracking

    Interaction with Employers, Sponsors, & Journeyworkers

    Step #2: Get Set Up

    Free Onboarding & Training Provided

    Post-sign up, our US-based team will walk you through our intuitive platform and ensure your successful setup and team’s proficiency.

    Curriculum setup

    Team & apprentice setup

    Partnership setup

    And support thereafter is always free!

    Step #3: Celebrate!

    Watch Your Funding Grow & Program Thrive

    With your RTI program’s management and compliance on autopilot, you’ll be able to focus on delighting your partners & apprentices and developing the reputation you deserve.

    Significant admin time reduction

    Compliance ensured

    A growing pipeline of happy partners

    A legacy of apprentice graduates in the workforce

    See It in Action

    What Is Everyone Saying?

    Lili Gangas

    GoSprout enables organizations to scale their Apprenticeship programs – a key part of the puzzle.

    Lilli Gangas

    Kapor Center

    Apprenticeship management can be difficult and time-consuming; GoSprout makes it a breeze.

    Dr. Amy Firestone

    National Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Leader

    The GoSprout platform is designed to bring all stakeholders together and takes a holistic approach.

    Patrick Cohen

    Caprock Solutions

    Case Studies

    Frederick College – Biological Technician Registered Apprenticeship Program

    Industry: Education & Biotechnology

    Company Profile:

    Frederick College, a prominent educational institution in Maryland, has been a beacon of innovation and excellence in integrating real-world skills with academic learning. The college serves a diverse student body and is committed to providing tailored career pathways in emerging and critical industries.

    Frederick College faced several challenges in scaling their Biological Technician Registered Apprenticeship Program. These included efficiently managing a growing number of applicants, effectively engaging with multiple employers, and maintaining rigorous compliance with industry and educational standards. The complexity of coordinating these elements often led to administrative bottlenecks and limited the program’s reach and impact.

    The primary challenge was the intricate balance required between managing increasing applicant numbers, satisfying multiple employer expectations, and adhering to strict compliance regulations. Traditional methods were proving inefficient and were unable to scale with the program’s growth ambitions.

    Carla Milan implemented GoSprout with the objective of overcoming these operational hurdles. The adoption process involved initial setup and migration of existing data into GoSprout’s system, followed by training for staff on the new tools. Integration with existing college systems was prioritized to ensure a seamless workflow.

    Regular feedback loops were established between Carla, her team, and GoSprout’s support specialists to continuously refine the process. This collaborative approach not only solved immediate problems but also adapted the program’s infrastructure to be more resilient and responsive to future challenges. Employers were given access to a portal where they could communicate directly with the college, view candidate progress, and input on curriculum relevance, greatly enhancing their active involvement and investment in the program’s success.

    • Applicant Organization: GoSprout’s streamlined platform enabled Carla Milan, the Apprenticeship Coordinator, to efficiently sort, track, and manage applications, ensuring a smooth enrollment process.
    • Employer Engagement: The platform facilitated robust communication tools and engagement strategies that enhanced partnerships with biotech companies.
    • Compliance Management: Automated compliance tracking and reporting tools ensured that all program aspects met regulatory standards without manual oversight, reducing errors and administrative strain.
    • Increased Enrollment: Simplified application processes led to a 20% increase in program enrollment within the first year.
    • Enhanced Employer Satisfaction: Improved communication and engagement tools boosted employer participation by 30%.
    • Streamlined Compliance: The automated system reduced compliance-related workload by 40%, allowing staff to focus more on student and program development.

    Love for GoSprout:

    GoSprout has revolutionized how we manage our apprenticeship programs. It has not only simplified our administrative processes but also enriched our engagement with both students and employers, fostering a thriving ecosystem for our apprentices.

    Better Youth – Empowering System-Impacted Youth Through Media Arts Apprenticeships

    Industry: Nonprofit / Media Arts & Education

    Company Profile:

    Better Youth is a dynamic nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, dedicated to providing access, equity, and validation for foster and system-impacted youth creatives aged 16-24. Through innovative media arts programming and mentoring, Better Youth helps bridge the digital divide and fosters creative confidence in young people.

    Better Youth faced the complex task of managing extensive pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs in digital storytelling, which includes project management, game design, and fine arts. They needed a robust system to streamline program management and enhance the apprenticeship experience for both coordinators and participants.

    Implementing a digital solution that could handle multiple apprenticeship tracks and accommodate the specific needs of a youth-centered program was a significant challenge. The organization required a flexible and easy-to-use system that could address the unique barriers faced by system-impacted youth.

    The implementation of GoSprout involved collaborative planning to ensure the platform adequately supported the diverse media arts apprenticeships offered by Better Youth. The initial phase focused on integrating existing data with GoSprout’s system and customizing the user interface to be engaging and accessible for young creatives. Training sessions were conducted for both staff and participants to maximize the benefits of the platform.

    Regular meetings between Better Youth’s program coordinators and GoSprout’s support team helped refine the user experience, ensuring that the platform not only met but exceeded the organization’s operational and educational goals. This ongoing partnership has been crucial in adapting to evolving needs and scaling the impact of the apprenticeships.

    • Youth-Friendly User Interface: GoSprout’s intuitive platform allows youth to easily navigate their apprenticeship tasks and resources, fostering a positive learning environment.
    • Program Management Efficiency: The platform’s comprehensive tools help coordinators track progress, manage scheduling, and facilitate communications between mentors and apprentices.
    • Personalized Support: GoSprout’s dedicated support team works closely with Better Youth to tailor the platform’s functionalities to meet their specific needs and challenges.
    • Enhanced Program Accessibility: The user-friendly interface has significantly increased program engagement and reduced drop-out rates by making it easier for youth to participate.
    • Improved Program Management: Streamlined administrative processes have enabled coordinators to spend more time on mentorship and less on paperwork.
    • Tailored Support: Customized setup and ongoing assistance from GoSprout have ensured that Better Youth can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities to benefit their unique programs.

    Love for GoSprout:

    GoSprout has transformed how we manage our apprenticeship programs. The platform’s ease of use and the personalized support we receive make it an invaluable tool in empowering our youth. It’s more than just a management system; it’s a growth enabler for our young creatives.

    I started GoSprout to ensure we take a holistic approach to the development of people. After spending the last 15 years in the workforce space, I’ve learned that the key to untapping and developing talent is addressing 100% of the person. GoSprout creates just that – Technology as a vehicle but PEOPLE at the wheel.

    Carlos Vazquez, M.S.Ed

    Founder/CEO, GoSprout

    GoSprout Origin Story: Read the Interview
    Carlos Vazquez - Apprenticeship Management Expert

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