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    GoSprout Apprenticeship Launchers Share Their Thoughts

    As National Apprenticeship Week came and went and 2023 comes to a close, we couldn’t be more excited about the progress we have made for apprenticeship launchers.

    Founder Carlos Vazquez developed the vision of making registered apprenticeships easier to launch and manage and with tons of R & D time, the GoSprout team couldn’t wait to launch our cloud-based apprenticeship tracking software earlier this year.

    Now that some of our early adopters have had time to use the platform and get familiar with how we support our software, we’re proud to share their thoughts.

    Frederick Community College Shares Their Apprenticeship Launching Journey

    We started apprenticeships for our college about a year ago, and we were looking for more ways to provide value for our employers and reduce the administrative workload to focus on our employer partners.

    We didn’t want another system on top of our LMS that would add friction to the administrative work, so we looked at different apprenticeship management tools.

    I came across GoSprout, and what I liked about them is that they didn’t try to sell me anything.

    Their approach was, “We are here to help.” They worked with me to integrate GoSprout with the system we already have, and we are looking to launch this month.

    Overall, I am delighted with the value Go Sprout will bring to our apprenticeship program.

    – Carla Milan, Apprenticeship Coordinator

    Frederick Community College Program

    Role: Sponsor, RTI Provider/Educator

    Focus: Marine Biology

    Employers: 4

    Frederick Community College

    Radiance Solar Realizes Manually Tracking Is Not a Viable Option

    Our company started the apprenticeship Journey in January, so I did all the webinars and got our program registered with a couple of occupations.

    I quickly realized that manually tracking apprentices wasn’t going to be an option, and the more apprentices we got, the more time-consuming it got to manage the program.

    I started looking for a solution and came across GoSprout.

    My knight in shining armor keeps me compliant with minimal effort, and most importantly for us, it shows us when an apprentice starts providing real value from their training. So you already know Radiance Solar loves GoSprout.

    – Serina Strickland, Human Resources Generalist

    Radiance Solar Program

    Role: Employer, Sponsor, RTI Provider/Educator

    Focus: Electrician, Construction, Safety Engineer

    Apprentices: 7

    Radiance Solar

    Apprenticeship Launch & Management Is About to Get Even Better

    We loved hearing from our satisfied early clients that they appreciate what we do. But what do we love even more?

    We’re just getting started…We have loads of great features around the corner for Employers, Sponsors, and Educators and our app for apprentices is just about to launch.

    It will be easier than ever for apprentices to log their OJT and RTI time.

    Are you thinking about launching an apprenticeship program? Or would you like to streamline an existing one? We would love to help.

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