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    GoSprout Goes Mobile: App for Apprentices

    We know it’s just around the corner, but we wanted to get the word out that GoSprout’s mobile app for apprentices (future and current) is on the way.

    We’ll be providing access to GoSprout’s growing library of training materials, open apprenticeship opportunities, and task tracking for apprentices that are already completing programs administered by our employer users of our apprenticeship tracking software.

    Where Can I Find the GoSprout Mobile App?

    We’ll be simultaneously releasing the app in the Apple App Store and Google’s Playstore. If you don’t see it yet, that’s because it’s not live.

    We’re aiming to release versions for both operating systems just before Thanksgiving.

    Who Is the GoSprout App For?

    Our first Android and iOS apps will be for apprentices (and future apprentices). We’ve built an integration with our cloud infrastructure so that we can create a unique experience for students who might benefit from joining a registered apprenticeship program.

    What Can Our App for Apprentices Do?

    We think about apprentices in two stages:

    1. Students who are considering or actually searching for the right apprenticeship. Students who haven’t matched with a program yet are sometimes referred to as “Prospects.”
    2. Students who have matched are called (drum roll)…”Apprentices.”

    So for our prospects, we want to give them the tools to get ready for their apprenticeship application and help them identify the right programs. We’ll offer:

    • An interest assessment (think industries and job functions)
    • A job road map (connected to the prospect’s preferences)
    • A searchable database of open apprenticeships
    • Free skill development courses (with some really awesome video and mixed reality experiences to keep them engage)
    • A progress tracker that we’re calling “My Growth Journey” that, much like a video game, shows a prospect what skills they have mastered and what they need to complete.

    For our apprentices, it’s all about being sure they get the most of their program and helping their employer, sponsor, and RTI provider monitor their progress. We offer:

    • A job “to-do” list and completed task logger
    • On-the-go course check-ups
    • A wage tracker with visibility into scheduled raises
    • Continued access to “My Growth Journey” that now shows skills built during the actual apprenticeship as well
    • Overall apprenticeship progress and anticipated graduation date

    Who Should Get the GoSprout App for Apprentices?

    All prospects and apprentices that are already known to GoSprout via partners in the network will get invites to download the app.

    It’s 100% free.

    But it’s also open to the public. If you’re not living in the United States, you probably won’t get much value out of it, however.

    Students and even former students should grab the app to get familiar with the possibilities that a registered apprenticeship may afford them.

    As our Advisor, Joseph Riquelme, says, you would be surprised how many students don’t realize they can make real money while studying and graduate, debt-free with a college degree.

    Next Steps

    If you don’t already, follow GoSprout on social media:




    We’ll announce it when the app goes live in both app stores!

    And we look forward to your feedback on version 1. We’ll be adding enhancements all the time.

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