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    We’re Living in the Age of the Deskless Worker: What You Should Know

    Successful venture capitalists know how to invest in what’s about to take off and the interest in the deskless work phenomena is high.

    Emergence says:

    80% of the global workforce doesn’t sit at a desk to do their jobs. Companies with large populations of deskless workers want software that helps these employees become more productive and makes their work experience more pleasant. We believe that this market represents one of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs today.

    GoSprout Founder Carlos Vazquez agrees and GoSprout already offers apprenticeship training via virtual and augmented reality experiences.

    Augmented reality is really where technology can make life better for deskless workers.

    What Is Augmented Reality?

    Think of augmented reality as a layer of information on top of actual reality. An augmented reality experience requires:

    • A human
    • A specialized lens
    • A forward facing camera
    • Software to interpret what the camera sees and layer extra visual information top of it that the viewer perceives via the lens

    Remember how The Terminator sees the world? He sees statistics and biographical information on everyone he walks past in the bar.

    Augmented Reality Goggles
    Augmented Reality Goggles by Magic Leap

    Fighter pilots have “heads up” displays where they can simultaneously be looking through their windshields while being 100% aware of how much fuel they have, their velocity, etc.

    Those are all augmented reality experiences. The original Google Glass was an early, poorly-received augmented reality experiment for consumers. The “glasshole” was not met with excitement by people who felt they were being filmed without their permission back in 2013-2014.

    Where Is Augmented Reality Getting Traction?

    While widespread consumer adoption of augmented reality is not here yet, there are other players on that side. Rayban, Snapchat and others have tried with slightly better success.

    However, in business context, augmented reality hasn’t been met with resistance at all.

    Ever try to work inside an airplane wing? Ever tried to read a schematic while inside an airplane wing?

    Have you ever worked at the top of a radio tower? Does the idea of carrying a heavy book up 30 flights of stairs appeal to you?

    These are just a few examples of where augmented reality can be a huge advantage.

    How Can AR Make “Deskless Worker” Life Better?

    With the right resources redeployed for an AR-based user experience, you basically have all the instructional material you need with you on the job.

    With good technology, the camera on the AR glasses recognizes the devices being serviced and materials and tools in use.

    With advances in voice recognition and specifically the intent of questions, it’s even easier to get to get to the right resource to answer any unknowns and complete the job safely and efficiently.

    How Do Companies Leverage This New Approach?

    In a word: training.

    This is new technology. Working with augmented reality does require some acclimation.

    Working with a particular augmented reality app (your app) does require some getting used to as well.

    Fortunately, this way of working is perfect for the students that will join the workforce over the coming years AND introducing this way of working during pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship programs means workers will go full-time with the right skills.

    And also ready to work within the “deskless” operating system that AR goggles and computer-connected microphones facilitate.

    How Does GoSprout Prepare Your Organization for Deskless Worker Success?

    Our reason for existence is to grow the registered apprenticeship ecosystem and help more youth transcend challenging circumstances via debt-free education with a direct path to an in-demand, well-paid job.

    We already provide apprenticeship management solutions for pre-apprenticeship high school programs, employers, sponsors, and RTI-provider colleges.

    We also already provide both virtual reality courses and our augmented reality resources. You can already add our first “off the shelf” AR experience to your programs.

    In other words, we’re here when you need us to assist your organization with deskless worker readiness but more importantly, do it in a delightful way.

    Does My Organization Have to Make Adjustments for Deskless Workers?

    Deskless workers in many ways have been ignored. Workers that traditional used desks at company headquarters all of a sudden got a huge lifestyle upgrade when Covid hit. Their commutes disappeared. They didn’t have someone standing over their shoulder.

    But deskless workers largely worked the same way (masked), setting aside actual government-mandated closures. According to studies cited by Forbes and others, they’re not happy. Retention within companies that haven’t put in effort to make life better for these workers has dropped.

    But there’s a new phenomena at play. Whereas the most desirable job for a recent graduate with high grades might have historically been considered a “desk job,” larger and larger numbers of Gen Z actually prefer deskless work. So do you want to be the company that needs great employees that has an awesome deskless worker experience or the one that is stuck in 2010?

    The Wall Street Journal recently covered the shift towards interest in “trade jobs” within Gen Z: “How Gen Z Is Becoming the Toolbelt Generation”

    How Does GoSprout Help with Deskless Worker Readiness?

    If you think your organization needs to evaluate how to catch up, schedule some time with our team. We’re happy to talk you through what others are doing to ensure they meet their future talent needs as well as how we can facilitate the augmented reality training capabilities you need within the broader context of your pre-apprenticeship and/or registered apprenticeship programs.

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