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    Mark Your Calendar: National Youth Apprenticeship Week is May 5-11

    You’ve heard us about talk about how we view pre-apprenticeships as critical for building upward mobility within at-risk communities before and National Youth Apprenticeship Week promotes this concept as well.

    Within the program, “youth” is defined as ages 16-24 and that high-school age piece is really needed according to GoSprout Founder Carlos Vazquez. Part of the reason he founded GoSprout in the first place was because he wanted to help make it much easier for students from similar backgrounds to his own land in well-paid jobs.

    What Is Youth Apprenticeship Week 2024?

    Apprenticeship USA is where much of the federal government’s initiatives regarding registered apprenticeships are published.

    With both the Department of Labor and the White House strongly espousing the benefits of apprenticeships this year, it’s not surprise that programs are expanding.

    You’ll find the details at

    They even have a live countdown. We’re glad they are as excited as we are about launching apprenticeship networks.

    What Are the Daily Themes?

    Each day of the week during National Youth Apprenticeship Week has its own theme:

    • Monday: “Parents and Guardians are a Priority” in Registered Apprenticeship
    • Tuesday: Youth Apprenticeships: Building Awareness, Myth Busting, Partnering with Educational Providers, and Creating Pathways through Pre-Apprenticeship. 
    • Wednesday: Expanding Youth Apprenticeship Opportunities for Underserved Populations
    • Thursday: National Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day
    • Friday: Federal Partners Day and Call to Action

    How Will GoSprout Be Involved?

    Check back shortly, and we’ll officially announce what events we will be hosting during Youth Apprenticeship Week.

    As always, we’ll be promoting what other great organizations are doing as well. If you have an event planned already and would like us to help amplify your message, please reach out. We’re here to help.

    Can GoSprout’s Apprenticeship Management Software Support High School Programs?

    Yes, indeed. Our apprenticeship tracking software supports the management of apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships for apprenticeship sponsors, employers, and RTI-provider schools.

    An organization focused on inclusion and equity for foster and system-impacted youth, Better Youth recently adopted GoSprout for their needs. We’ll be showcasing them in the near future and you may find some tips for how to launch your own youth apprenticeship program.

    Does GoSprout Offer Pre-Apprenticeship Course Material?

    We do. We actually just covered our growing list of pre-apprenticeship courses available to students even before they start a registered apprenticeship.

    Some of the courses are more technical in nature while others are just to help applicants be better prepared for what is likely to be their first job in an organization of any size.


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