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    GoSprout’s Pre-Apprenticeship Course Catalog Is Growing

    If you’ve been reading our blog or newsletter lately, you know that our goal is to help fill the nation’s talent gap via this amazing but underutilized program called a “Registered Apprenticeship,” often abbreviated as a “RAP.”

    But for many students that are seeking an apprenticeship, they’ve never worked in a business of ample size to even have an apprenticeship program, so they need the specific skills on offer within the apprenticeship but they also need “having a job” and “being a good teammate” and “how to work with a boss” skills as well.

    And as far as industry-specific skills, apprentices can go further faster if they already have a basic understanding when they hit the job site.

    We’re hard at work adding those types of free resources to the GoSprout apprenticeship platform experience for apprentices.

    GoSprout’s Pre-Apprenticeship Initiative

    With that in mind, we’re working away to amplify our pre-apprenticeship resources. Everybody wins when apprentices that are truly ready join their programs.

    Part of that is building skills and part of that is helping future apprentices get a better understanding of what they might be doing and learning within a particular program.

    Just like with undergrad majors, students who can “find their path” faster are more likely to finish on time and be satisfied with their first real job.

    New Courses Available to Pre-Apprentices

    GoSprout will always be free for apprentices. Employers, sponsors, and schools pay for the software tools that make life easier for them and create a better experience and higher completion rate for their apprentices.

    So within the free platform, we’re adding courses that can be completed at home and are very proud of what we offer so far:

    Getting Started as an Apprentice

    This course helps future apprenticeships understand what RAPs are all about. They learn about the stakeholders involved, the skills that can be learned, and how an apprenticeship can lead to a debt-free education and ready-and-waiting job upon graduation.

    Gain In-Demand Job Skills

    Google actually offers a wealth of certificates including Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, IT Support, Project Management, and UX Design.

    Given how many firms use various Google tools in the workplace, this is a great set of tools and introduction to the business side of Google.

    Artificial Intelligence in the World

    AI is all the rage and will fundamentally change the way the world works, so why wouldn’t someone about to enter the workforce get up to speed?

    Becoming a Welder Apprentice

    Welding is historically a very popular apprenticeship and for good reason. It’s critical to so many industries. This course gives apprentices a foundational understand of the process, safety, technique, and more.

    Becoming an Electrician Apprentice

    Another very popular apprenticeship type, electricians use more and more advanced technology within all sorts of industries. This course helps apprentices understand the basics.

    More Pre-Apprenticeship Courses to Come

    We’re just getting started on this initiative. Our course catalog will grow throughout 2024 in line with the DoL’s recent apprenticeship guidance, and we’ll keep you up to date as new courses become available via our newsletter and LinkedIn.

    More Pre-Apprenticeship Programs on the Way

    If you read our Founder’s interview about how he made the jump from immigrant family in The South Bronx to CEO of a technology company, there was a lot that happened well before college.

    GoSprout is working on ways to better integrate high schools so that apprentices arrive ready to jump straight in RAPs and helping companies fill their skills gaps.

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