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    New Feature: Your Own Branded Apprenticeship Application Page

    At GoSprout, we’re continuously innovating on our platform and like to keep our community updated on what we’re doing.

    We know how important it is to apprentices and apprenticeship sponsors, employers, and RTI-provider schools to make everyone feel like they’re a part of something bigger…because they are.

    With that in mind, we’ve introduced branding into our registered apprenticeship applications.

    How Do I Get My Own Branded Apprenticeship Application Page?

    Getting your page is easy.

    First, you need to be a subscriber of GoSprout’s apprenticeship management software and complete the steps to actually have your registered apprenticeship set up within the system.

    Then you’ll want to share a high-definition, transparent logo with our team.

    What Does My Apprenticeship Application Page Look Like?

    Using Frederick Community College’s page as an example, you’ll have your actual logo present at the top of the form.

    We’ll also use your color palette to create the background colors.

    How Do I Get Apprentices to My Application?

    Your application has a unique URL so all you need to do is link to it.

    We recommend using your link liberally. You don’t want to give students with a million things on their mind too much to think about. Eliminating “friction” is the goal.

    So link to your apprenticeship application from financing option pages, employment option pages, newsletter, a new dedicated “Open Apprenticeships” section of your website if you have one.

    Don’t worry. Your application page intentionally has very little to do other than complete the application fields, which then automatically notify you within GoSprout that you have a new apprentice applicant.

    What Other Features Are Around the Corner for GoSprout?

    If you’re not already subscribed, be sure you start getting our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.

    We’re very excited about what the Department of Labor has to stay about apprenticeships and more recently, President Biden’s executive order to promote the proliferation of registered apprenticeships at the federal level.

    Like them, our goal is to see registered apprenticeships stop being one of our nation’s best kept secrets for helping close our country’s talent gap, wipe out the student debt problem, and disadvantaged young people join the workforce in stable, well-paid jobs.

    For further reading, you may be interested in our Founder’s Interview on the Origin of GoSprout and how our thoughts on recent Latine equity initiatives.

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