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    Understanding Apprenticeship Potential for Latine Equity in the Workforce

    In today’s dynamic job market, the common belief persists that a four-year degree, often while loading up on student debt, is the sole path to securing a well-paying job and increading Latine equity in the workforce.

    However, this narrative overlooks the diverse avenues through which job seekers of Latine background can achieve success. One such avenue, beneficial for both individuals and employers, is a registered apprenticeship program.

    What is a Registered Apprenticeship?

    A registered apprenticeship is a unique job opportunity that integrates on-the-job training, mentorship, and classroom instruction from day one. Over recent years, industries ranging from telecommunications and media to IT, finance, healthcare, electricians, and automotive have adopted registered apprenticeship programs.

    These programs not only pave the way for employers to cultivate their future workforce but also allow workers to gain essential experience through paid and credentialed training.

    Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor underscore the value of apprenticeships, with a 92% employment retention rate post-program completion. It’s estimated that expanding occupations that offer apprenticeships could potentially fill 3.2 million jobs.

    Apprenticeship Latino Equity

    More importantly, the DOL has become much more active in promoting apprenticeships in 2024. They’re pushing to modernize the entire ecosystem because the benefits of apprenticeships are obvious. It’s managing them without an apprenticeship platform that has been historically challenging.

    The Whitehouse has now also issued guidance on growing the number registered apprenticeships across the nation.

    Moreover, apprenticeships play a pivotal role in fostering diversity and inclusion within the workforce, particularly for the Latine population. By investing in Hispanic talent, organizations can make significant strides towards integrating diversity into their work culture.

    What is UnidosUS Doing to Increase Latine Equity?

    Despite the increasing diversity among apprenticeship participants, the representation of Hispanics between 2010-2019 was only 18.3%. Recognizing this gap, UnidosUS, in partnership with Jobs for the Future, has joined the DEIA Technical Assistance Center for Excellence in Registered Apprenticeships.

    Its mission is to enhance equity in apprenticeship opportunities through coaching and resources for employers. It facilitates technical assistance and promotes the integration of apprenticeships as a sustainable hiring model. Moreover, it bridges employers with nearly 300 Latine-serving nonprofits across the country, thereby establishing a resilient talent pipeline.

    At GoSprout, we love that mission. Founder Carlos Vazquez is of Puerto Rican descent and grew up in the South Bronx and was inspired to found GoSprout in part because he saw how clearly the availability of registered apprenticeships in his childhood community could have helped others who weren’t as lucky as he was. Read GoSprout’s origin story for more detail.

    Taking the First Steps

    This blog marks the beginning of a series aimed at showcasing entities that share our mission. We will delve into their journey, the challenges faced, the lessons learned, and the impact of these apprenticeships on their organizations and the broader community. Readers will gain insights into how these initiatives enhance job seekers’ prospects and contribute positively to communities nationwide.

    At GoSprout, we want to see more initiatives like UnidosUS get started, and we can help by making the launch and apprenticeship management process simpler via our SaaS platform. The door to equitable opportunities in the workforce swings wide open, particularly for the Latine community, signifying a step forward in the quest for diversity and inclusion.

    Stay tuned for more stories from companies that share our vision.

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