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    Department of Labor Keeps Pushing Registered Apprenticeships…Let’s Help Make Their Spread a Reality

    If you’ve been reading our newsletter or keeping up with our blog, you already know the federal government is all-in on registered apprenticeships this year with The White House Executive Order on Apprenticeships and the DoL’s earlier guidance both promoting the spread of these programs we find so amazing.

    And the Department of Labor has just announced a number of new initiatives under the umbrella “Youth Employment Works” strategy. The DoL’s Brent Parton recently released a blog titled “Investments + Partnerships = Apprenticeship Opportunities for Young Adults.

    We wanted to share our thoughts on this initiative and how various stakeholders can work together to make RAP availability widespread in our nation.

    Why Is the Department of Labor Doing This?

    Brent’s article aligns perfectly with our founder’s reason for starting GoSprout in the first place. If you haven’t read his interview, you’ll hear Carlos Vazquez talking about his own youth experience in The South Bronx and all the steps along the way that allowed him to become a tech CEO.

    Brent’s article opens basically restates Carlos’s thesis: “Young people need sustainable career pathways with supportive services and training to meet employers’ needs and prepare them to excel across in-demand industries. Registered Apprenticeship and the public workforce system can open opportunities for young people.”

    So we couldn’t agree more and would argue these programs are especially important in low-income communities where would-be students don’t have to access to family funding for an education.

    How Does the Federal Youth Apprenticeship Pathway Support the Youth Employment Works

    Basically, if you read the earlier announcements, the federal government will be more and more strongly requiring federal agencies to offer their own RAPs and government grants and contracts requiring RAPs from private sector companies just to be eligible will become more common.

    The pilot is actually creating Registered Apprenticeships in 3 government entities so that other agencies can see how they work. They are the DoL’s:

    • Offices of Apprenticeship
    • Workforce Investment
    • Job Corps

    These programs will have a 3-year span with the goal of graduating apprentices being ready to move into a permanent federal position.

    What Progress within DoL Initiatives Does This Build On

    For firms who have never had their own registered apprenticeships or enjoyed the benefit of funding available for doing so, some highlights include:

    • $171 million invested via 39 Apprenticeship Building America Grants
    • 1900 apprentices have already joined the workforce after participation in programs supported by Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grants
    • 175 youth-oriented apprenticeship programs have been established

    The Department of Labor defines “youth-oriented” as 16-24 so many of these programs directly integrate with high school programs.

    How Can Your Organization Help

    Launching an apprenticeship program of your own should be top of your list. The feasibility with purpose-built software that streamlines the whole process is probably much higher than you think.

    Even if you can’t launch your own RAP, consider spreading the good word. Liking, sharing, and commenting on LinkedIn (the most employment-centric social network) is a great way to put eyes on them.

    If you think GoSprout doesn’t already know about a program, please send us a note. We’re always evangelizing for the amazing folks that are share our vision around the nation.

    What’s Around the Corner for Youth Employment Works?

    Don’t forget national Youth Apprenticeship Week is in May. GoSprout will be hosting events.

    Brent ends the article with a reaffirmation that the DoL isn’t just stopping here and there is more to come from Youth Employment Works: “While the U.S. is making great strides in promoting youth Registered Apprenticeship opportunities, our work continues. Our goal is to ensure a more equitable and diverse workforce. Through the combined impacts of the department’s initiatives and programs described above, the country is unlocking the potential of its young people and creating a sustainable pipeline of skilled and diverse talent for the jobs of the future.”

    You said it, Brent. And here at GoSprout, we’re hard at work on our own youth apprenticeship content in our apprenticeship management solution and community resources.

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