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    How to Calculate Apprenticeship ROI – Our New Tool for Employers

    If you’ve followed our progress at GoSprout, we started work on our apprenticeship platform because we knew the ROI of having an apprenticeship program was transformational IF, and that’s a big if, an employer could manage the program efficiently.

    With all of the regulation involved in staying compliant for the purposes of available government subsidies, the paperwork and coordination with sponsors and schools providing RTI can overwhelmingly expensive. Sadly, many employers have closed their apprenticeship programs for that reason.

    Moreover, that work just isn’t much fun and often falls on team members who already have more than enough on their plate.

    With the new 2024 DOL Apprenticeship Guidance, we expect simplification and clarity at the federal level, which will then help state level stakeholders as well and GoSprout will track those developments closely and help employers in our program take advantage of each new opportunity as it becomes available.

    But with our SaaS apprenticeship tracking software, we already strip out significant administrative load and thus, employers in our program can calculate the ROI of launching an apprenticeship program on more straightforward terms.

    Our New Apprenticeship ROI Calculator

    To help you in your quest to analyze the benefits of launching a compliant apprenticeship program, we put together a live calculator that is free to use.

    You input your anticipated wages, benefits and taxes, tuition or related training, mentor time, recruiting costs, and access to our platform is included as well.

    Our apprenticeship ROI calculator then automatically shows you a side-by-side comparison of your costs with and without an apprenticeship and your ROI.

    Use the Apprenticeship ROI Calculator

    What’s Next?

    Our calculator just launched. We’d love your feedback once you try it out.

    And as you know, applying technology to registered apprenticeship program-related challenges is what we do, so if you have another challenge you need solved, we may already solve it. If not, we’ll consider putting it on our product roadmap.

    If you haven’t already seen what we have put together in GoSprout, be sure you schedule a guided tour at your convenience as well.

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