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    Clean Energy Firm? Learn About the Apprenticeship-Related Benefits Included in the Inflation Reduction Act

    The Department of Labor continues its trend of emphasizing the importance of apprenticeships in the context of federal government benefits.

    At GoSprout, we’re so excited to see our community members benefit from programs like these.

    If you have already read about how Radiance Solar became a Sponsor and stood up multiple apprenticeship tracks, we would encourage you to take a look.

    What the DoL Has to Say About Clean Energy & Related Jobs

    In a new DoL website resource, the agency has put together materials and a public stance on how the DoL in conjunction with President Biden’s “Investing in America” agenda want to see more apprenticeships and jobs with prevailing wages.

    Here’s direct quote:

    The U.S. Department of Labor is collaborating with agencies across the federal government to help ensure that climate investments create good-paying jobs. The IRA’s unparalleled investments to secure our clean energy future and the federal government’s implementation of these requirements will incentivize employers to adopt worker-centric practices and support high-quality training opportunities for these good jobs.

    The DoL’s Clean Energy Project Map: Opportunities in Every State

    At GoSprout, we often mention in our newsletter how the whole registered apprenticeship ecosystem is heating up.

    We’ve seen multiple DoL announcements about programs fostering the proliferation of registered apprenticeships via Federal Grant programs, contracting requirements, and apprenticeships within Federal agencies.

    This “marketing” initiative plots the locations of all kinds of clean energy projects in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico has four.

    And the message is clear…if these projects, whose firms are named, take the steps to promote equity and create well-paid jobs, they are entitled to the benefits as stipulated in the Inflation Reduction Act.

    More Info on Federal Benefits for Launching Apprenticeships

    At GoSprout, we do our best to cover these types of initiatives. If you haven’t already caught up on what we’ve covered already this year, here are some quick links:

    Ready for Deep Dive On Benefits Available to Clean Energy & Other Firms that Manage Registered Apprenticehips?

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