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    The Vision Has Become a Reality: UPPR Announces Johnson & Johnson Registered Apprenticeship Program

    If you subscribed to issue number 1 of our newsletter, you knew that one of first programs we rolled out was to support apprenticeships in Puerto Rico in collaboration with Universidad Politecnica de Puerto Rico.

    Our own Founder Carlos Vazquez and teammates Roger Rodriguez and Bridget Schraeder traveled there in the summer of 2023 to speak with educators, government officials, and the local employers about how best to get registered apprenticeships launched on the island in a profitable, sustainable way.

    If you missed, read up on Professor Luis Olivares-Lugo’s insights on Puerto Rico apprenticeships.

    And we’re so excited about the progress that has been made.

    One Year Later…It’s Happening

    Puerto Rico and the story of hardworking families that are marginalized in the USA is near and dear to GoSprout. Carlos’s family immigrated to The Bronx and he traveled to visit family there throughout his youth. Read his story for how that inspired what would eventually become GoSprout.

    If you read Indeed’s job openings for Johnson & Johnson in Puerto Rica, you’ll understand why a registered apprenticeship program makes all the sense in the world. Titles include:

    • Manufacturing Technician
    • Technical Operations Manager
    • Maintenance Technician
    • Security & Fire Technician
    • Service HVAC Specialist

    …and the list goes on. These types of technical jobs that support manufacturing are critical and there is such a talent gap.

    Wisely, J&J partnered with UPPR to bring their A-Game to recruiting Gen Z, also known as The Toolbelt Generation.

    And We Got to Attend

    The sense of satisfaction of seeing the vision become a reality is amazing for us at GoSprout. We were invited to attend the official launch of the program. Here are some pictures.

    Stay tuned for similar success stories as more and more firms realize that with the right apprenticeship management software, launching a registered apprenticeship and staying compliant has never been easier.


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