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    Feature Updates: GoSprout Makes It Even Easier for Sponsors to Coordinate Programs & More

    We’ve been so busy helping new community members onboard their existing registered apprenticeship programs and bringing programs that don’t even exist to life for others that we’re long overdue to put an update out about what Roger and the rest of the development team have added to our apprenticeship tracking software.

    Here are some recent highlights:

    New Sponsor Capabilities for Leading Programs More Directly

    While plenty of our community members are both the employer and sponsor, many other programs are run by apprenticeship sponsors who support multiple employers.

    We have a number of updates to make life easier for this latter group.

    Sponsors can now invite apprentices to programs on behalf of employers.

    It’s important that all stakeholders are communicating. Sponsors can now look into whether journeyworkers are regularly monitoring and approving logs and easily send them a friendly reminder if needed.

    They also track whether or not requests for support are being tracked and responded to promptly and send gentle reminders as well.

    Sponsors can now double check that apprentices are logging their hours as well and let them know if they aren’t getting credit for time invested in their program.

    And drill down on specific apprentices and issues such as absences.

    Journeyworkers Got Some Great Upgrades As Well

    The role of journeyworkers is critical in unlocking the benefits of apprenticeships, and we’ve been blessed with an amazing group that have been giving up fantastic feedback.

    Journeyworkers now have an enhanced dashboard.

    The detail available within apprentice time sheets has been greatly enhanced as well.

    OJT tracking got a major upgrade as well.

    Around the Corner: Our App Integrations Module

    Here’s a sneak peek at the general design of our integrations module, which is under development. We’ll announce it when integrations become available to our apprenticeship management platform users.

    Have a Feature Request? We’re All Ears

    We’re hard at work enhancing the world’s most advanced apprenticeship management platform based on our community’s feedback.

    So don’t be shy about voicing your ideas. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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